Play Major Millions 5 reel for real money

Major Millions 5 Reel online without registration and deposit

Huge millions have a slot machine with 15 lines, each of which can deliver 20 cents. This means that both experienced and inexperienced players can enjoy the low prizes to the full along with a huge progressive jackpot!

This game offers players a wild symbol and a scatter symbol in the addendum to use a comfortable and relaxing features of the car game.

The marine theme of the slot is illustrated with pictures of ships, planes, tanks, top secret envelopes, medals, hats, ammunition and binoculars.

The game is extremely dangerous and you get the most out of adrenaline after the first few turns. The results of each spin are unpredictable, but the fact that the possibility of enrichment is always highest.

The payouts in online slots

Payouts depend on the number of matching symbols along the line in casino games without registration. In the five logos of the game you get 8000 coins (to get the progressive jackpot to the player who was lucky enough to collect a combination of the fifteenth line).

1000 coins brings you the five symbols Major, 800 – Ship, 600 – Airplane 200 – Tank, 180 – Envelope 160 – Medals, 120 – Hats, 100 – Cartridges and 80 – Binoculars. Four symbols give the player 8-280 coins, and a combination of three characters from 2 to 80.

Bonuses of the exciting gambling game

Game logo acts as a wild symbol and replaces all other symbols except Scatter to help players complete a winning combination on an active payline. Wild is also able to increase your winnings three times. Scatter symbol is a picture of an explosion and it will also help you to complete winning combinations, but it is not necessarily positioned along the lines to make it. Suffice it, only 3 or more scatter symbols appear in every part of the machine screen. Also, this will increase your price symbol 3-50 times, depending on the number on the reels.

Automatic game

In addition to all these advantages, Major Millions 5 Reel offers the attention of players one of many already loved the function of the automatic game. If you have made a few adjustments and some bets, you can calmly drink your favorite cocktail or cup of coffee and watch the game on the part of the process. This is a very exciting and very gambling activity that brings relaxation and brings profits to the millions of players in the Microgaming online casino!